Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pocket Forest's B-Day!

This calls for a metaphor.

Yesterday, my book b-day, was like a whirlwind. Or rather, a massive, apocalyptic storm. I had front row seats, drinking a mint julep and taking pictures, while Deathless Press frantically boarded up the shop.

And why would I use that metaphor?

Tis true. Late Thursday night, when I received an email from Deathless Press about the books' imminent release, I stayed up late and started spreading the word. A few good friends kept me awake past my self-prescribed bedtime. By Friday morning, I woke tired, but practically electric with anticipation. If I could have worn a party hat to work, I would have (so I'm opting for hanging a hat on today's banner instead).

In my past blog posts, I've said that Deathless Press makes handmade one-of-a-kind books. You can tell that a lot of love has gone into making each one. Reading the Spring 2013 books had been a real treat and I was so excited about having Deathless Press as the publisher of my first book.

POCKET FOREST shares a birthday with two more Deathless Press originals: CATSKIN by Sylvia Linstead and THROW DOWN YOU HAIR AND THEN YOURSELF by A. A. Balaskovits.

I ordered both books. Can't wait to read them!

So, while I was at my day job, I couldn't help but check Deathless Press's Etsy shop, where the books are being sold. And it seemed as if the amount of copies dwindled whenever I refreshed the page. By midday on Friday, the last copy sold - and Deathless Press and I emailed back in forth, wondering what do to! It's a good kind of problem, haha.

To Those Who Didn't Get A Copy Yet:

The first edition of POCKET FOREST may be sold out, but there is more on the way. Deathless Press announced that my book will be back in stock on September 1st. Keeping in mind that each book is handmade, I highly suggest that you contact Deathless Press with your interest to make sure you get a copy when the next batch comes in.

Email editor [at] to be notified of availability. 

Where do you go to buy a copy? Deathless Press only sells books through Etsy - and there are so many ways to get to the shop. A simple Google search will get you there. I've also included a link on the side bar of my blog (you can also click on the cover on my Books page) and on the Goodreads page.

Hang in there!

While you wait, you can take a peek at the book! A small teaser of POCKET FOREST is available to read exclusively on Hopefully this will hold you over... (or make you more eager for a copy, mwahaha).

To Those of You Who Did Get a Copy:

Congratulations! *tosses confetti*

In order to have snagged a copy, you must have quick reflexes, haha. I can't wait for your copy to arrive. Harriet and Stig's story has existed for quite some time and I'm thrilled that you'll now have the chance to read about them.

On my Books page here on the blog, I've posted a playlist to go along with POCKET FOREST. These were the songs I listened to while writing the manuscript. I arranged them in narrative order too, so you could almost do a read-along if you want, haha.

There's also a link to the POCKET FOREST Pinterest board, so you can check out some inspiring images.

Once you've read the book, please take the time to leave a review. Whether you love the book or think it's drivel, I'd be incredibly grateful if you share your opinion. The best place to do this is on If you don't already have an account, you really should make one. It's a great way to keep track of the books you read, check out reviews of books you plan to read, and stay connected to the going-ons of the book world.

Click on the grungy Polaroid to go to Goodread's POCKET FOREST page.


I've also got some fun games in the works, but more on that later. For now, keep watching your mailboxes. POCKET FOREST will be arriving soon :D

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's an Update, Old Sport!

Ack! It's been entirely too long since I last blogged. July ended with a whimper; I barely knew that the month had changed until August's extreme heat finally hit. Everyone's getting ready for a new school year. My MFA friends finishing their last years are preparing to teach new sets of students. Theses need to get written. And I'm out of school. Done. Fin.

I feel like an explorer reporting back to academia. "It's strange out here," I'd shout into my walkie-talkie. "The sky's brighter, but I don't have a way to measure my life now."

Which is true. No more essays, pop quizzes, workshops, final exams. No more measuring sticks. It's freeing in the kind of way learning to fly for the first time must be for baby birds. A scary, exhilarating free fall.

Still, things haven't changed too much. So here's an update on what's been going on between the last post and now.

If you've been keeping up with my Twitter, you've probably noticed the steady influx of Gatsby nonsense. I've always enjoyed The Great Gatsby, but I guess the DVD release of the new movie has gotten me excited about it again. I've reread the book, gushing over some incredible lines I didn't notice the first time around. I also rewatched the Robert Redford version (fun) and started the Toby Stephens one (but I'm having a hard time, because I think that Stephens is too adorable to pull off Gatsby).

Meanwhile, I seem to be the only one half in love with the little book right now. My coworkers are like:

And I'm like:

Writing-wise, I've been busy with projects, as usual. After wrestling with Tread Softly for a long time, I've finally finished the complete draft. Right now, I'm going through each chapter one more time, fixing issues that some of my Figment readers have pointed out. It's been a lot of fun revising the chapters now that Merry and Hue's journey is complete. Have you been checking your mirrors at home for ensnared boys? Just asking! 

Speaking of Figment, I might as well say here that I will be taking down TS when my revision is done. I found a great press to query. Also, I will be taking Olivia down - but not because I've magically finished it. Far from it. My Toads & Diamonds retelling has stalled and I'm not sure what to do with it for now. A new setting may be in order (but don't worry - Ernie, Grendel, and the gang will still be there).

So, with TS and Olivia on their way out, it sounds like my Figment page will be barren. Well, never fear. 

my evil writer smirk
I will be back to writing Boys & Bees. Lorabeth is showing up in my daydreams, begging to get on with her story. You can imagine how tough that call is to ignore, considering her ability to control bees. 

My brain's stuffed with ideas for a new project too. I'm trying to stay focused on one project at a time, but I'm also eager to share a new story with Figment. So many things to look forward to. 

And then there's Pocket Forest. Only a few days ago, I received word from Goodreads that I was clear to have an author profile. It feels very surreal. I've been filling in the Pocket Forest page with information as I've been getting it from my editor. When she sent me the proof to look over, I pretty much had this reaction:

The book's innards look great. I got a little choked up when I saw it (and then wiped my eyes so I could hunt for typos). 

OH. And one more thing. I want to thank you (my lovely readers) for leaving wonderful comments about Birdcage Girl; your support means a lot to me as I continue to query. My feelings about the agent search are clear. Just replace "senpai" with "agent."