Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Eye of the Storm or "Her Morning Elegance"

I can't believe there's a tornado warning right now. As much as the Weather Channel keeps alarming us about it (and, of course the tell-tale warning beeps), I find it hard to believe. Surreal, almost. I'd sooner believe that a unicorn has been eating the flowers in the backyard. Well, I'm being stubborn. One thing Florida's not famous for is having tornadoes.

I've never experienced a tornado. It would actually be nice, if I ever got caught in one, to be transported to a different world like Dorothy (however, I really, really don't want to go to Oz). I'm tucking some graded papers back into my bag for tomorrow and wondering if they'll go flying into the atmosphere in a matter of hours. Probably not. But getting such a rare warning makes people nervous.

Only minutes ago, my mother talked about how she heard from a friend that you should put all your valuables in the dishwasher so that they don't get destroyed. Apparently, it's like hiding out in a time capsule. Or something.

Tornadoes have eyes. In the eye of the storm, there is nothing but peace. I'm trying to find that mental state as I listen to my parents flit around the house in a frenzy. So here it is for me, in a nice package: Oren Lavie. His voice is calming, the lyrics magical. His crooning puts a smile on my face and keeps my brain from nervously shaking. Please enjoy, and I'll see you all when the storm passes!


  1. I hope it passes over you all! I'll be praying.
    (I wouldn't want to go to Oz, either! If I was going to be transported by a tornado I'd want to end up in Neverland or, more realistically, France or Scotland. =D)

    And that music video is so incredible! I saw it once a long time ago. So cool.

  2. oh i hope it causes no damage, or harm of course

  3. @Melee I think everything went alright, at least in the area I'm living in. All my students came to class the next day, all telling these adventure stories about braving the storm, haha.

    Ah, Neverland! I don't know what I would there, but I'm sure it is indeed better than Oz. I love the countries you chose, if it could take us to just another part of our world.

    Yay! I never get sick of watching this video :) Oren Lavie's music came back to me in the last couple days; my ears were suddenly drawn in and I wasn't happy listening anything else, haha. I think, with the coming storm, the tone and mood of his songs naturally paralleled. It was very fascinating.

    @helen Hello! No one complained of any blackouts and the like, but as I told Melee above, I'm not sure what happened in the other counties. Hopefully not too much damage, for sure.

  4. Oz, no. I want Neverland. This is a beautiful post, dear. x

  5. oh I love him, he's just magic!