Monday, January 9, 2012

The Sea in Winter

For some inexplicable reason, I miss the sea. I didn't know I did. This evening, as a I wind down from a long day of school, I'm thinking of nothing beyond the normal mundane worries of catching some sleep and wondering how much planning I'll be saving for Procrastination's capable hands.

And then, like magic, the television shows this surprisingly endearing commercial.

Suddenly I find myself looking around the living room, wondering if I have a shell that's waiting patiently for me to pick up. It's unlikely since I've developed a love for very tiny, broken shells. I have a small plastic bag with a handful of them inside, all specks of swirling colors that I pried out of the sand before the tide came in. But that was years ago - I'm not a beach person and I don't go very often. My idea of a fun beach trip is spending the evening there, when the sun is setting and the air is cool. I'd take off my shoes and walk into the ocean up to my knees, letting the waves soak my rolled up jeans. I wither in the unrelenting Florida heat (hence, the almost vampirelike preference in beach time), turning grouchy within minutes of sitting out under a cloudless sky.

When I was little, I used to jump fearlessly into the water and bob about, ducking under waves. My father would carry me out further and we'd laugh as the larger waves knocked us over. But then... I was a tidy kid. After getting seaweed stuck up my swimsuit and finally tired of sand caked into every curve, I stopped going in the water and switched seashell-hunting strolls instead. I didn't regret it (after all, I love pools, haha).

Anyone who has been following this blog knows how much I love commercials. When they are done well, I think that they can be pieces of art. So it was with this one - a cruise commercial, of all things! But as soon as it aired, I looked up from my laptop with an open mouth. The sea has a lovely, coaxing voice. So unlike the haughty, fickle oceans I've been writing about in a particular project of mine. Not that I don't see the beauty in the sea (who can forget), but the touching nature of the sea in this commercial made me think of those calm evenings on the shore.

Perfect, right? Thinking about the sea in the winter. But it's hot again here and the air conditioning was severely lacking in the school building today. If only a seashell with a ringer had been hidden under a mound of last semester's papers or tucked behind the coffee mix. But I guess that's what commercials like this are for :)


  1. Aww, that commercial is so cute! Endearing, yes - that's a good word choice. :)
    Mmm, I want to go to the ocean now. I don't really like getting in the water much anymore either; mainly because I detest bathing suits. Though last time we went, which was last year, my brothers and I did spontaneously get in fully-clothed, haha. Ugh, sand in the swimsuit! There's nothing worse! I believe sadists used to make little girl's swimusits; at least, all the ones I owned. There was always this pouch where there shouldn't be one and it would get utterly packed with sand. Bane of my childhood! :P
    But nothing beats a walk on the beach... *sigh*
    I also adore reading on the beach and drinking a favourite beverage of choice. :)

  2. I feel so lucky, like may West Australains, to be living so close to the sea. It's like a refreshing dose of energy to be near it.

  3. I've only very recently become rather fascinated by the sea and all its worlds and secrets. I live in a place where there is no ocean about at all, but plenty of lakes. And while I adore the serene, safe, loveliness of a nice lake, they don't promise the same adventures as the sea. It terrifies and enthralls me. Lovely post and awesome commercial!


  4. Guess what, Kim! That commercial came on last night while we were watching TV! It was a beautiful coincidence as we rarely watch actual television. Since we mute commercials, I made sure they unmuted it, hehe. My mom liked it too. :)

    Anyway, it made me think of you and I thought I'd pop by and tell you. :)

  5. I love how you find art and beauty even in seemingly mundane things like TV commercials. And your poetic descriptions are wonderful, too (The sea has a lovely, coaxing voice). I think a lot of your imaginative, magically real writing comes from how you uniquely perceive things.