Tuesday, November 13, 2012

101 Fan Clubers

The theme of this post is most definitely celebration. The spinning vortex that is November has been sending me into a tailspin, but I wanted very much to grab onto something solid for a moment and post about this amazing thing:

*rubs eyes* Am I dreaming? No? Hurrah! It's official: my figment fan club has reached 101 members!

This is totally a big deal. Yes, I do have a lot of followers, but for someone to enjoy my writing enough to join the group does matter a lot to me. We all know what the figment groups are like; it's hard to check updates, new comments, etc., when there's no notification system. No matter what group you join, you're left in the dark (unless you have a shameless habit of checking the groups every four minutes... in which case, not many people are like that. Trust me).

So 101 fans... thank you. Thank you so much. And while I'm at it, a hearty thank you to fellow figgie Ben Chapman who created the group way back in '11 and the admins and mods that continue to look cool, haha.

You guys give me the honey glows something awful.

To celebrate, I rearranged my schedule in order to try (and it's working so far) to write, write, write and post. As much as I love the feedback on Tread Softly, I know what you all really want is more Boys & Bees - hence, the new chapter.

We're getting to a tipping point in the story. There's the looming circus, the dead-end clues, the mysterious helper and Hedda's secret... gah! Well, cool your heels. I'm writing when I can, but until then.. here's a formspring question to tide you over.

What are the school's uniforms on B&B? and if they don't wear uniforms, what do Hedda and Lorabeth usually wear?

Clothing. Yes. This is the perfect opportunity to create some visuals. In terms of the apiology school's uniforms, the descriptions have shown up within the early chapters of Boys & Bees. The colors are mostly black and yellow, though I think the combination isn't so jarring with majority of the uniform being black. The boys and girls have different uniforms. The girls wear yellow cardigans with black blouses underneath, a plaid skirt, and knee-high stockings. The shoes shoe be black, but Lorabeth wears her beat-up boots with her uniform while other girls have nice new shoes. The boys wear black cardigans with yellow collared shirts underneath, black pants, and yellow socks. Very charming, haha.

Lorabeth Frisch

I would say that Lorabeth is a uniform-wearing girl. She barely remembers to change out of her uniform, save for the weekends (when her dirt-encrusted skirts and cardigans have piled up for the wash). Lorabeth doesn't have much clothing, fashion being a thing that doesn't matter to her. 

Her clothes are boyish, like the pants and suspenders combo she wore the day after the fire. In the latest chapter, Lorabeth unearths an old dress in the back of her closet - her mother probably picked it out for her. When I saw the collar, I thought it was perfect for bees to hide under, haha. 

Hedda Sparling

Unlike Lorabeth, Hedda is very feminine with (likely expensive clothing in soft shades of pink, cream, and other pastels. Any trinkets she has are far from tacky; her jewelry is subtle, usually with thin chains and small charms. Hedda basically wears dresses and skirts - it makes me wonder if she would ever borrow Lorabeth's pants if she had to.

I included that poster in the collage, saying "A true love story never ends" because we're still guessing what kind of feelings Hedda has in terms of love and boys. Maybe she does have hope for love - but why would she need hope when every guy has a crush on her? Heh, we'll find out.


  1. Ooh! It's so nice to see Lorabeth and Hedda's fashion style! And I absolutely love the uniforms for the Lorabeth's apiology school!

    Oh, and congrats on reaching 101 members for your fan club! :D

    (It's Pseudonymous, by the way...in case you couldn't tell....I really don't quite know how blogger works. :P)

    1. Psudeo! I knew it was you - thank goodness you share the same blog name. Thanks and thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my collages, haha. They were so fun to make (especially the school uniforms).

  2. Hello! First of all, congrats on having over 100 figgies in the fan club. Honestly, it's all you and your work. I just made the group by clicking a few buttons and then the rest just flourished. Thanks for the shout-out though!

    And secondly: thanks for reading the blog! Your comments were kind, as always. I don't think I'm going to submit it to a litmag though. My writings still need a lot of work before I do any more submitting. I want to just write for a while and keep working and perfecting before I start up submitting again. I know I can do better than I've been doing now.

    Still, always nice to have a vote of confidence!

    Thanks again!

    PS: unrelated note, but my gosh how eye-opening my writing class has been. After this, no more school for me. So weird, new David Foster Wallace book out (I know I talk about him way too much) has an essay about writing programs in it. That essay, sadly, would have helped me last August, and here it is in November! ARGH! (*mutters something about not letting "them" suck the life out of me*)

    1. Thanks, Ben! Well, I wouldn't have had a club if you hadn't clicked those buttons, haha.

      Yeah, I understand what you mean. Just know that some of your nonfiction ranting is actually really great - and if you shape it up, you can def. submit to lit mags with that material as well.

      Yessssss. Writing classes. No matter how much Wallace you read, nothing can prepare you for writing programs, haha. As I've said, I'm up for a chat about that. It can be a rewarding (and frustrating) experience, for sure.

  3. CONGRATU-VERY-LATIONS, KIM! 101 people have impeccable taste. :D

    I would gladly go to a school whose uniform was so wonderful. :O (What can I say? I have a weakness for plaid skirts. And cardigans. And knee high stockings.)

    My word, I am so behind on Boys & Bees! Actually, I'm behind on your figment in general! Somehow I missed that you're re-telling The Snow Queen! I love me some Hans Christian Andersen, so I am definitely going to get started on reading that.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, it's a wonderful combination of all those awesome things. The cardigans though. I love cardigans *my own bias sneaking into the designs*

      Haha, I look forward to hearing what you think. TS is pretty messy still, so I'm till not sure how I feel about it. But B&B and plugging along - I wish I could give it more attention at the moment, but I split my work with school stuff.