Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Week in GIFs

I ran out of words this month. There has to be some kind of limit before you open your mouth and suddenly nothing comes out except unintelligible babble.

I'm there.

However, my brain's working well enough to use a different method to show you all what this past week has been like.

1) What I do to my brain to bounce back from a rigorous teaching day: 

2) When I try to explain to the rents why my revision work has made me grumpy / distracted / forgetful of my chores:

3) After three consecutive days of being asked to check APA formatting:

4) Discovering that ABC's The Taste is actually great - and that I now have the honor of watching two wonderful food shows (aka Sweet Genius) every week:

5) What I hope I'm doing to my novel draft:

6) Slinking towards February with tiny chunks of sanity:

Peace out.


  1. Nothing like a good gif to express what we can't! If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif must be worth at least 20 times that. :D

    Knowing you, I'm sure you're turning your "pumpkin" of a draft into a gorgeous carriage. :)

    And I rather feel like No Face in the last gif. Bluuuh. Let's hope February brings a blooming of energy and sanity with it!

    1. Yes, you're totally right! I tend to get really excited when I find the perfect GIFs to express some of the more obscure emotions I got through (or perhaps I just mean complicated? Haha).

      Awwwws, thank you ;_;

      To February! *clings fancy pink frothy drink*

  2. Ahaha these illustrative gifs are perfect! I especially love the last gif :D

    You're handling the final semester incredibly well—much better than I did—you're still working on non-thesis things! And for that, I for one am glad :D

    1. Thanks! Well, you only had two years - and, seriously, the fact that you got all your work done during that time-crunch is marvelous. As crazy as I am, I don't think I could have handled that :O

  3. Hi from a fellow blogger and aspiring writer of fantasy!

    I totally feel like No Face myself this time of year. And love the Wreck-it Ralph gif :)

    Random question -- is your last name Lithuanian?

    1. Hi Nerija! Yesssss, that's the perfect No Face GIF ever.

      Yes, yes, yes! How'd you know? People usually mistake my last name for being Greek (or other random guesses). But yes, Karalius is a Lithuanian last name :D

    2. Cool! I guessed because I'm Lithuanian, too, and karalius means king :)

    3. NICE! Haha, yes, my dad tells me that all the time. And then my mom replies, "Okay... but king of what?"

      Which usually results in some creative answers :)