Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Writing Experiments

Happy finals week... to anyone still having to take them. I have one last paper to turn in and I swear, it is this close to being done. That's what today is for. And yet, as you're reading, I feel the the need to make another post. The need itches. Like a sunburn. Or something less peely.

I recently made an account on this fascinating website called Figment.

The website takes its inspiration from Japanese cell phone novels or keitai shosetsu. Writers will choose monikers and create novels from the bits and pieces... the steady flow of words that come unedited to be shared with the world. Some had become so popular that publishers picked them up and they made it on bestsellers lists. Read the article The New Yorker wrote about it for a better idea. With all this buzz, the founders of Figment want to see what we can do in America.

This is isn't the first website of its kind. However, the design of the pages are so inviting and it's hard not to get caught up in the adventure and goodwill that comes with the launch of a new idea.

With sharing stories comes the knowledge that all serious writers know about concerning the availability of online writing and publishing (And I won't go into it for the sake of avoiding ranting and/or being just plain boring). So how could I participate in this with a clear, carefree attitude? By writing something exclusively in mind for Figment.

Presenting my new side project: Birdcage Girl.

Birdcage Girl is a mock cell phone novel that I'll be working on for as long as the story keeps coming. I've written five chapters so far, each of them only a few hundred words long. I'm thinking flash fiction. Very small snippets that will, in the end, add up to a larger story. At least, that's the plan.

The little novel centers around 18-year-old Ashlyn and her mother (aptly named "her mother" for now). Ashlyn spends most of her days in a wire birdcage, wheeling herself around the house and secretly planning her escape. Why is she in a cage? Who put her there? How will she get out? Are those enough hooks for you? Haha.

The personal goal for me is to come up with the quirkiest characters I can, along with bizarre situations and circumstances. I can't wait to see where it takes me and I hope, as readers, you will share in that curiosity. It is free - of course. Just letting you know. You know? Just click on the picture of my hasty book cover to read what I've got so far - and check my link at the top of the blog when this post finally shifts down the page. Feedback would be great, whether through the site or comments on here. I'm listening :)

Oh. I say "mock" cell phone novel because I own a terrible cell phone for writing. Therefore, I simply can't write anything on it (and even text messages from me are horrendous specimens). Sure, my little helper glows like a rainbow when someone is calling, and it's sleek and green and can do tricks. But really, it's so old it's not in stores anymore. It came before the time of keyboards. So, yes, I don't even have a keyboard. Don't pity me.

I'm stretching my imagination by way of flash fiction. I try to put myself on the bus, or train, typing away on a small screen. Creating something that grows with each word.

Oh. My cell phone says "Hi!"


  1. Hi Kim! I found your blog through Figment :)
    Everyone loves Birdcage Girl, but I've only read the first two chapters, the 3rd one is locked.
    I'll be checking to see when it's up, to finish reading it.
    And I love Glitter Bathing! So cute!
    Figment is awesome, isn't it? And I just joined today!

  2. OMG I'm going to go read Birdcage Girl now. I need to pry myself away from moping over my etsy shop anyway~~~~

    Jeez, you always come up with the most awesome titles and plots. RAWR SO JEALOUS.


  3. and btw, that is very cool looking "hasty" book cover

  4. Ahhh, this is awesome!

    Thanks, Ella, for stopping by! Please feel free to snoop around the older posts... though I have no idea if my ramblings are exciting or not. Haha!

    NAMIE - Yay! It's so good to hear from you! Aw, shucks. I'm glad you're liking Birdcage Girl. LOL - if you need help with coming up with your rocking story, just let me know. Might I suggest something about trains? Haha. Seriously though. I'm looking foward to seeing you work on there.

    Oh, and BTW, it's a hasty cover because I merely laid the text on top of the picture. I wish I knew where it came from, but I couldn't find it (showed up on We Heart It without a working link).

  5. Wow...this post is so nostalgic for me...I remember when I first started Figment too...and to think that you were not always the writer you are today...that you have grown :) it is amazing. I hope Birdcage Girl finds a publisher soon.