Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Publication News: The Medulla Review

I received wonderful news last night: my short story that I had submitted to The Medulla Review was accepted! Better yet, the new issue has just been published and is available here to read.

A few months back, a friend of mine had sent me an email about The Medulla Review's call for submissions;  she thought the theme was a bit of a challenge - and perhaps something I'd want to try. And she was right. I was very excited to create a story to submit. 

The theme was Tarot cards, particularly the Major Arcana. The editor-in-chief, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, says this about her issue in the editor's letter:

This was an ambitious issue, for the writers who submitted, and for me. Yes, I wanted comprehensive works on 22 of the most amazing archetypes: The Major Arcana. I wanted the positive and negative energies of each card balanced and expressed in a story, in a poem — in seven hundred words or less...

I didn't know much about Tarot cards, but when I read up on them, I was intrigued by the archetypes that could be found in each one - kind of like how, as writers, we use archetypes of define our characters in the early stages of a new writing project. The card I liked best is called The Star, so I chose to write my story based on my own interpretation of it. 

Various illustrations of the Star card. So pretty!

The Star card traditionally represents an oasis of sorts; it's a place or state of mind where you're comfortable, calm, and at rest. Tranquility, hope, good will, and renewal are also some great words to describe this card.  

After having a particular difficult spring semester at school, I had longed for some stress-free moments and rarely got them. So, for me, my oasis had to wait a few months until summer vacation hit. Even with the crazy heat, I can still find relief by relaxing and getting inspired by books, movies, and video games that I didn't have time to indulge in during the semester, haha. 

Combining my own feelings about finding rest, with the imagery that appears over and over again with this card, I created my story aptly named "The Star." 

Excerpt from my story, "The Star." Get ready for an interesting vacation!

There isn't a table of contents in this issue (I think, because, reading each story is supposed to be representative of a journey), but if you want to skip to my story, the link is right here. Enjoy!


  1. congrats, friend!!! i'm zooming over to check it out right now :D

  2. oh! it's so lovely! i especially like this line: '“Rest here,” she’ll say, in a voice not quite like your girlfriend’s.' perfection!

  3. That was beautiful. So magical. Yesterday, when I first read it, I didn't understand the card/image above your piece of writing, but now I understand it. It's a tarot card! :D Congrats on another published piece!

  4. Congrats! I just read it and omg, it's lovely!! Really gorgeous~!!

  5. Congrats Kim!! You are on your way to big things!!

  6. Ha! I wish I had scrolled down seen the link you so handily provided, instead of clicking "next" again and again on the magazine, searching for your name. But the little inner click of joy and recognition when I finally found it was nice. :)

    I think this is one of my favourite pieces of yours! Your descriptions are so brilliant; I am always impressed by you! Congratulations, indeed! :D